Paver Back Patio with Firepit

Landscape Design and Installation Services in Caldwell, ID 

Do you want an outdoor space that you can really enjoy? Caldwell is a busier and busier place these days, and a well-designed backyard or patio is the perfect place to relax and let worries roll away. Landscaper Construction is a local, small landscaping design and installation contractor. We can help you to design and install an array of landscaping and hardscaping features that will perfect your space.
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Sprinkler Systems, Sod, and Mulch Installation

A yard looks its best when the grass is evenly distributed, green from the proper amounts of water and fertilization, and the edges or garden have interesting, weed-free plantings. When you call Landscaper Construction to design and install sprinklers, irrigation, sod, and mulch, you will get the best results.
For any of these projects, Landscaper Construction will:
● Design intelligently. We'll take into account obstacles such as water mains and tree roots.
● Prepare the ground. For irrigation and sprinkler systems we'll dig trenches. For sod installation we'll remove any old sod and till the ground.
● Install lines, pipes, and sod with precision.
● Clean up. We make sure that the area looks tidy before we're finished with an installation project.
● Mulch installation is a simpler process of laying down the mulch and spreading it evenly over the designated area.
There's no need to break your back every summer moving hoses and sprinklers around. And you don't have to put up with patchy grass or no grass at all. Call Landscaper Construction today to schedule a sprinkler system installation, new sod installation, or mulch installation.

Retaining Walls & New Paver Installation

We are happy to take on many different hardscaping projects.
Retaining Walls: These are important for preventing erosion and sliding. Landscaper Construction can create custom retaining walls.
Patios: A patio is the perfect place to unwind. We'll construct a customized patio for you.

Backyard Patio Hardscape Under Construction
Waterfall Fountain Installation in Caldwell Idaho

Water Feature Installation

When you think about a peaceful garden or backyard, what do you imagine? The sound of birdsong, the scent of flowers, and a shady spot to relax in are most likely part of the scene. A fountain or waterfall in your yard will cover the noise of traffic and other nuisances well, creating a peaceful atmosphere.
You can hire Landscaper Construction to create outstanding custom water features for you such as:
Wall-mounted water features: Spouts, wall-mounted fountains, and wall-mount waterfalls. These are frequently used by commercial clients for calming white noise or as a point of interest in their location.
Fountains: We will create and install many different types of fountains for you, from small bird-bath fountains to dazzling centerpieces.
Ponds: If you want to grow and admire water lilies or spend lazy afternoons watching koi, call Landscaper Construction. We design and install custom ponds.
Landscaper Construction is happy to work with you as your water feature installation contractor.

Commercial Landscape Contractor

If your business property needs a glow-up, Landscaper Construction is the company to call. Our services extend to commercial properties just as much as they do to residential locations. Landscaper Construction will utilize decades of expertise in your landscaping and hardscaping projects.

Landscaper Constructionprovides landscaping services in Caldwell, ID. Call us today at (208) 204-9661 for a free estimate.