Front and Backyard Landscape Design & Concrete Installation 

Are you ready to make your yard maintenance easier? Landscaper Construction can add concrete around your trees, garden beds, and other surfaces to make your life easier when maintaining your yard. Mowing around a nice, clean edge is simpler and faster. You will no longer need to edge every time you mow because landscape concrete naturally creates cleaner edges.
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There are several steps that our landscaping design team does to ensure a flawless product.
1. Consultation & Design- Our team meets with you to discuss your preferences, requirements, and design ideas. We will assess the site and determine the best construction and placement.
2. Material Selection- Deciding on your materials will depend on the surrounding environment. We can do anything from cement to plastic, metal, various stones, and many materials in between. We will use our architectural expertise to help you decide what's best for your property.
3. Excavation & Site Preparation- We make markings to ensure we put the concrete in the correct location before any excavation happens. Then, the landscaping team will dig trenches along the marked lines to prepare the areas for installation.
4. Installation- Form placement, mixing and pouring, and shaping are all parts of the installation. We will use hand tools and machines to give the optimal smooth and consistent surface.
5. Finishing Touches- Coloring, patterns, and stamps are all wonderful additions to your installation. We use stamps to create patterns and textures that give curb appeal unique to your property.
6. Curing and Final Inspection- We recommend letting the curb cure for a period of time that we will specify based on the material chosen. As you do that, it will properly set and remain an added beauty to your landscaping for a long time. We will do a final walk-through with you to make sure it meets expectations.
Your landscaping concrete needs are just one part of what we offer. Check out our Landscaping Design & Construction to help you see what else we offer.

Stamped and Patterned Concrete 

What value does adding patterns or stamps to your concrete? It’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also provides functionality.

Aesthetic Enhancements

    Texture and Design:Stamps and patterns create visual interest in your concrete design. Natural elements can be replicated by an enhancement to make your concrete look like stone or brick.
    Customization:This can enable the homeowner or business owner to choose the pattern that compliments their existing hardscape or landscape design. It even has a decorative touch that elevates the property value.
    Color Options:Stamping concrete allows you to make a color change. This plays into your existing color scheme to create a sense of cohesion throughout your property.

Functional Benefits

    Slip Resistant:When landscape design is textured or stamped, it will improve slip resistance. In Boise, where we get all weather conditions in all four seasons, this is very important, especially in the snowy winter months.
    Weed Barrier:Stamped landscape concrete can act as a weed barrier from your other landscape designs. It can make it harder for vegetation to grow through.
    Durability:Stamping can create a more robust surface that withstands wear and tear better over time.

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