Drip Line, Irrigation, & Sprinkler System Installation, Boise, ID 

Our team at Landscaper Construction has been installing sprinklers, irrigation systems, and drip lines for over 18 years. We have learned the best systems to use in the surrounding Boise areas and can design and install an ideal watering system when landscaping your property.
From start to finish, our front and backyard designers will plan your watering system, choose the best system design for your yard, and install it. When thinking of the benefits of various types of watering systems, we will share our knowledge and years of experience with you to help you make the best decision. Explore our gallery to check out our installation work to help you decide which combination of sprinkler systems, drip lines, and irrigation systems will be best for your landscaping.

Irrigation & Sprinkler System Design Process 

Sprinkler Blueprint Plan - Our design team will sit down with you and look at your property, considering both traditional sprinklers and drip lines. We will assess the current on-site landscape, perform water pressure tests, find the best routes for each line, and decide how many zones are needed for efficient water usage and coverage.
Sprinkler and Irrigation Installation Prep - Our landscaping team will then carry out the plan, excavating the trench lines on your property according to the map we created. Before we dig, our team will identify and mark locations of underground utilities to prevent accidental damage. We always dig a standard 10 inches below ground to ensure we are in code.
● Sprinkler and Irrigation Installation and Finished Product - We run PVC lines, install sprinkler boxes, and integrate drip lines for specific areas. We decide on sprinkler head placement based on the best water coverage and the needs of your lawn, trees, and other plants. We use backflow prevention devices to safeguard the water supply from contamination. The finished product will show itself when your yard is lusciously thick and green.

Top Brands Used in Sprinkler Installation  

We primarily use Hunter and Rainbird systems. These two brands are the leading brands in sprinkler installation. Both brands are highly reputable in the irrigation industry.
● Hunter - Known for durable construction and innovative features.
● Rainbird- Praised for its efficiency and water conservation technologies.
We consider different factors such as price, location, consistency, and water usage when helping you decide between these brands. Our team will help you decide which product from either brand is the best for your landscaping construction job.
If we are expanding or changing a current system that is working great for you, we will continue to use whichever brand you currently use to keep it consistent. For new installations, we collaborate with you to choose the best system, ensuring a balance between cost, efficiency, and environmental considerations.
Reducing water usage while maintaining the beauty of your landscape is important to us. We believe that by utilizing our expert drip lines, irrigation, and sprinkler system construction, you can have a gorgeous yard while also remaining environmentally friendly.
Your time is important to us. We will have your watering system installation done in the time frame that meets your expectations. We can’t wait to help you have a low-maintenance yard or property after your system is installed.

Call Santos Hernandez at (208) 204-9661 with Landscaper Construction to get your sprinkler installation quote. Our landscaping architects can also install Concrete, Hardscaping, and Landscaping Design. We service the greater Boise area, including Meridian, Eagle, Star, Caldwell, Nampa, Middleton, Eagle, and Garden City, ID.