Waterscape Design, Construction, and Installation 

Installing water features takes preparation to do correctly. That's where our landscape design team comes in. When water features are designed correctly, they enhance property value and improve aesthetics while creating a tranquil atmosphere.

Landscaper Construction is upfront and open with the process we use to get the result you're looking for.

1. Water Feature Design Consultation - Collaborate with our professional team to determine the best water feature for your commercial or residential landscaping design.
2. Site Preparation - To ensure proper drainage and grading, we will clear and prepare the installation area.
3. Material Selection - Choose what type of material will give you the functionality and aesthetics you are looking for in your water feature.
4. Water Feature Construction - Everything from excavation, liner installation, pumps, walls, cascades, and circulation systems are all parts of the waterscape construction.
5. Landscaping Around Water Feature - Designers on our team will help you decide what type of landscaping will be most functional and attractive with your specific water feature.
6. Water Maintenance Guidance - Rest assured that we will leave you with some guidance to help you maintain your dazzling water feature design.
Now that you know the process, you get to be part of the fun part of deciding which feature(s) you’d like to add to your property.

Residential Landscaping Water Features 

Our team consists of highly motivated and skilled specialists who know how to deal with any issue that you may come across. This creates a basis for lasting relationships with our clients built on trust and mutual understanding.

Various water features can enhance your property. Here are some ideas we can add to your home or business:
Fountains - They can be classic and versatile, and they range from small decorative pieces to larger statement fountains.
● Ponds - They create a serene environment that can include aquatic plants and fish. Natural and man-made ponds will have people talking about your water feature for years.
● Waterfalls - Including a cascading waterfall feature in your landscaping adds appeal and a soothing element.
Wall-mounted Features - Water walls or spouts mounted on walls offer a serene scene on your property, especially in a patio space.
We can install any of these water features, and many more, to enhance your residential or commercial property. We take into consideration how your water feature will align with your preference, available space, and maintenance commitment when setting you up with the perfect waterscape. We offer competitive pricing and are ready to consult with you today!


Commercial Water Features 

Retaining Wall Waterfalls - We can offer you hardscapingto create the water feature of your dreams.
Themed Featured Waterscaping - Tailor a water feature to match your company's theme or branding of your commercial space.
Interactive Fountains - Include fountains that are programmable and can display water for entertainment and engagement of guests.Text element

With over 18 years of experience, Landscaper Construction can provide the water feature that best pairs with your landscaping needs.
Call Santos Hernandez at (208) 204-9661 to book your FREE WATER FEATURE CONSULTATION today. Serving the greater Treasure Valley including Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Garden City, Star, Middleton, Nampa, Caldwell, and Kuna, ID.