Local Landscaping Installation Services in Eagle, Idaho

Do you long for beautiful landscaping to reflect the gorgeous setting found here in Eagle, Idaho? We are nestled right up against the Boise River, surrounded by golf courses, hiking and biking trails, picnic areas, and parks. There is every reason for your backyard to feel as charming and picturesque as the city around it.
At Landscaper Construction, we are experts in landscape design and construction, and we will collaborate with you to achieve your vision for front and backyard landscaping.

Landscape Design and Installation

Our experience of more than 18 years ensures that the process from the initial landscape design, throughout the landscape construction process, and until the last step of the installation, will go smoothly. You can count on us to pay attention to the small details that might otherwise get overlooked by a less experienced landscaping contractor.  Backyard Patio Pavers and Retaining Wall Installation:First on the docket is getting the major hardscaping elements in place. Pavers can create a walking path, fire pit, or backyard patio as the perfect anchor to establish a gathering place. Expert retaining wall installation can help prevent erosion, create a place for a garden, and add function to a yard.
Concrete Landscape:Concrete is an important and desirable hardscaping feature. It is a cost-effective versatile way to provide a durable surface for high traffic walkways, patios, and driveways. An occasional sweeping and cleaning is all it takes to keep these areas looking their best.
Front or Backyard Water Feature Installation:From custom outdoor fountains to ponds to waterfalls, we can design a water feature to stand as a focal point in your garden, but also seamlessly flow with the surrounding landscape. We install a quality water pump and guide in maintaining the feature so that it will enhance your yard with soothing sounds and enchanting sights for years to come.
Sprinkler System Installation:The final step in landscape construction is preparing for the trees, shrubs, grass, and garden beds with irrigation, drip lines, and sprinkler systems. We plan around your water pressure, underground utilities, and necessary zones before mapping out and trenching the yard for the watering system. Our goal is for you to have strong and tall trees, lush, green grass, and eye-catching gardens, with minimal maintenance beyond periodically adjusting the watering schedule for the season.

Commercial Landscaping

We design and install landscapes for commercial properties throughout Eagle and surrounding the Treasure Valley area. We specialize in the following commercial landscape services:
● landscape construction● concrete installation● retaining walls● water features● sprinkler system installation● Pavers installation● ground coverings (mulch and gravel)
Call us today at (208) 204-9661 to discuss how we can improve the curb appeal of your HOA, office building, industrial site, retail store, or other business property.

Expert Landscaper at Your Service

You need an expert landscaper at your residential property who knows how to install the perfect lawn you’ve always dreamed of and add a touch of comfort outside. At commercial properties, quality landscaping and hardscaping can also make a difference for customers and employees alike.

Call Landscaper Construction today at (208) 204-9661 or contact us online for a free landscaping consultation.