Landscape Design & Installation in Nampa, ID

If you have looked into what it takes to landscape your backyard you may be overwhelmed by the many aspects that need to be accounted for. It takes a detailed landscape design plan to decide where to place concrete walkways, paver patios, retaining walls, sprinkler systems, and garden beds. Once the plan is in place landscaping installation has only just begun.
Turn to Landscaper Construction for a smooth process from beginning to end. We are among the best landscape construction companies in Nampa, Idaho with over 18 years of experience in designing and executing beautiful front and backyard landscape construction.

Hardscape Landscape Remodel Services 

Our variety of hardscaping services guarantees that your landscape remodel is only limited by your imagination.

Patio Paver Hardscape Installation 

Landscape pavers create a classic and custom look in hardscape designs. From custom paver patios to walkways, and even driveways, pavers are a key element in permanently defining beautiful spaces with both residential and commercial applications.


Installation Sprinkler System and Irrigation

Proper water and drainage are crucial for thriving sod, garden beds, trees, and shrubs. Our sprinkler system design and installation process accounts for your specific yard, water pressure, and chosen vegetation to install irrigation, drip systems, and sprinkler systems that will saturate the soil appropriately for maximum growth. We also follow up to ensure the sprinkler systems are adjusted correctly and reach every plant sufficiently.

Landscape Concrete

Easier maintenance and defined areas can be cost-effectively achieved with concrete landscaping. We pour concrete for edging, sidewalks, driveways, patios, fire pits, retaining walls, and more. Our installation options for stamped, patterned, and colored concrete further customize your landscaping.

Water Features 

Picture spending a morning with a cup of coffee and a good book watching the sunrise next to the sounds of a bubbling brook. This can all be yours with a water feature installation right in your yard. We install fountains, wall-mounted waterfalls, ponds, and more to add tranquil elements to your landscaping.

Ground Coverings

With a sprinkler system, pavers, and concrete hardscaping in place, it is time for grass, trees, and plants–but only the ones you want. We lay sod to provide quick dense grass growth and use mulch and gravel to prevent weeds from springing up where you don’t want them. This is also applicable to our commercial landscape customers. Our low-maintenance ground coverings are the finishing touches of landscape construction.

Customer Review

  • “Amazing work!! They installed drains, replaced my sprinklers, added dirt to grade my yard, and laid sod. They were very fast and my yard was transformed in a couple of days. Santos even came back to make sure all the sod was getting water and reset some of the heads. I didn’t even know he would come check. He told me, he checks for 3 weeks after he finishes! Would highly recommend!! Very nice as well as professional!!-H. Pinkston

Make a beautifully landscaped front and backyard your reality by calling Santos with Landscaper Construction at (208) 204-9661.

We help you skip the overwhelm and achieve the custom landscape design you’ve dreamed about. We provide residential and commercial landscaping design and construction services. Contact us today for a free landscaping consultation in Nampa, Idaho.